Friday, June 29, 2007

Democratic debate on PBS...

I saw the Democratic Debate broadcast on PBS from Howard University last night. In my view Travis Smiley did a better job as moderator than either Matthews or Blitzer in the previous debates. All candidates had an opportunity to make a contribution.

Unfortunately, because of the format most candidates were limited to sound-bite answers. There was almost no exchange between candidates. However the contributions had more substance than in previous debates. Maybe the fact that the discussion focused primarily on domestic issues made this possible.

There were no real winners or loosers. I was impressed by the performance of Edwards. He seemed more confident and relaxed than in previous debates. I thought Hillary's performance in New Hampshire was better than last night...because she interjected some humor and levity. Obama seemed to hesitate on some answers but that may simply be his style. Richardson has not yet hit his stride. Anyway, we are going to see a lot more of these candidates. I could vote for any of them over any Republican candidate!!