Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush wants war with Iran...

Had promised myself not to watch the Bush speech last night...thinking I would just be stressed listening to the same old warmongering. In the end I did tune in.

The line that caught my attention was the not-so-veiled threat to punish Syria and Iran for interference in Iraq. So much for the diplomacy advocated by the Iraq Study Group. It seems pretty obvious that Bush and his NeoCon supporters are setting the stage for an attack on Iran's nuclear sites.

If the Democrats in Congress have any spine (which I doubt) they will pass a resolution advising the President the he'll be impeached if the starts another pre-emptive war with any other Middle East country. Of course it is not going to happen. And our Imperial President will do whatever he wants to do. We really are screwed.


Robert Fisk provides an analysis of Bush's new strategy in today's Independent (UK)