Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What Americans are really concerned about...

Yesterday I noted that the U.S. Senate had set aside several days to discuss the Federal Marriage Amendment...even though most acknowledge that this legislation has zero chances of going anywhere.

So where should our elected representatives in Washington be devoting their energies? We have some data on what citizens are concerned about. Gallup asked Americans towards the end of May the following question: "What one or two issues should be top priorities for the President and Congress to deal with at this time?"

Here are the results for May. (results for April in bracket)

  1. Situation in Iraq 42% (29%)
  2. Fuel/Oil prices 29% (13%)
  3. Immigration/illegal aliens 23% (20%)
  4. Economy in general 14% (14%)
  5. Health care 12% (9%)

All other issues scored 4% or less. Moral issues were towards the bottom when it came to priorities. (Gallup results courtesy of Daily Kos).

These stats speak for themselves. I was particularly interested in the number listing the Iraq war as the top priority. If this trend continues over the next few months it could have major implications for the mid-term elections in November.

What do you think should be the top priority for Congress and the President?