Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Holy shit, here we go again...

As an American citizen I get scared everytime I hear the BushCo people talk about keeping "the military option on the table" in regard to Iran. Last Sunday John McCain was on one of the shows essentially expressing support for military action. Oh yes, he did mention that we should try diplomacy first. I'm thinking, "Holy shit, here we go again!" This was the script that McCain used three years ago when he advocated regime change in Iraq. And this guy wants to be our next President.

Condi Rice was on the Today show this morning giving the usual lip service to diplomacy but reminding everyone that the military option was on the table. This is scary stuff. The President has a 31% job approval rating and he's considering getting us into another disastrous war.

Now here is what really pisses me off. Not one prominent Democrat leader has spoken out against this madness. Are they all so intimidated by the NeoCons that they are afraid to speak out? What do you think?