Friday, February 03, 2006

Outrage over cartoons of Prophet Muhammad...

There is outrage throughout the Muslim world over cartoons mocking Prophet Muhammad.

The problem began last September with the publication of caricatures of the Prophet in a Danish newspaper. The cartoons were deemed as blasphemous and insulting to Muslims. There were protests in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

In recent days the offensive cartoons have been reprinted in several European newspapers. This has added fuel to the fire. The newspapers claim they are only exercising their right to free expression.

Personally, I don't think there is any value in insulting and demonizing people in the Muslim world at this time. What's disappointing to me is that no European political leader has spoken out against the publication of the offensive cartoons. (The Danish PM made a half-hearted effort at an apology).

Inciting religious hatred is not a proper role for the media.


Click here for Muslim reaction to the insulting cartoons. (February 4 edition of online edition of The Independent).
Today a friend reminded me that historically Europe does not have a great reputation when it comes to religious tolerance. Look what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany. Maybe it is some kind of superiority complex. (reference to Ireland deleted).

Update #2:

I'll leave this post on the front page for the weekend. Your comments are welcome. I'm willing to admit I may be out in left field on this issue.