Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Other (Forgotten) America

This blog will provide a national platform for conversations about "the other America." Our purpose will be to raise awareness.

I believe the terrible Gulf Coast tragedy has opened up an opportunity to talk about the gross inequalities in American society. It may now become possible to interject the issue of poverty into the political discourse.

A particular focus will be on exposing how powerful special interests dictate priorities to our politicians.

We are not going to be overly polite in what we have to say. Recent television pictures from New Orleans are a reminder that millions of our fellow citizens live in abject poverty. And we have an Administration that doesn't seem to give a shit about them.

We are not just going to expose those Republican politicians who are committed to helping the rich get richer while ignoring the interests of the poor. We are also going to expose those Democrat politicans who have sold out to corporate interests.

Expect some lively debate.